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Purchasing a top quality wig is an funding for any person who needs to experience...

Purchasing a top quality wig is an funding for any person who needs to experience dressed in their wig so long as imaginable. The typical lifespan of maximum wigs can pass from 3 months to 9 months. Probably the most greatest lawsuits girls have had was once they sought after their wigs to last more. At Luvmehair our lace wigs have a lifespan of over a 12 months which is perfect for a very good high quality wig. All the way through the wigs lifecycle, you need to take care of the construction, well being, and density of the hair strands. The wigs lifespan is decided by way of ;

  • Form of hair
  • Lace base
  • Styling
  • Upkeep
  • Garage


Wigs are constructed from both human hair or artificial hair. Relying on what hair strands are used, it has a vital have an effect on at the longevity of the wig.



Human hair wigs are at all times the advisable selection if you need your wig to remaining for over a 12 months. It’s sourced and constructed from actual human hairs. The hair is going via a rigorous cleansing procedure to make sure it stays glossy and wholesome during its lifespan. Moreover, human hair will keep cushy, glossy, wholesome, and remaining for an extended duration.



It does no longer remaining for a long time. It’s constructed from plastic fabrics that glance and virtually really feel like human hair. In spite of the cost-friendly worth of an artificial wig, it’s going to no longer remaining a very long time. It does no longer take the warmth and will soften, dries up simply, and will get disheveled simply not like human hair wigs. We at all times counsel our human hair wigs at Luvmehair. Luvmehair supplies the best quality hair merchandise within the trade whilst making certain skilled and knowledgeable professional help for a pampering on-line buying groceries revel in.

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The kind of subject matter this is used to build the basis of the wig determines how lengthy the wig will remaining. The lace subject matter is our selection of base subject matter at Luvmehair. Our lace subject matter is gentle, cushy, breathable and it’s going to remaining a 12 months. Why Luvmehair? Now we have additionally made it more straightforward for the right way to put a lace entrance wig on because of our smartly built position subject matter.




How and while you taste your hair can build up or lower the longevity of the wig. You must watch out and planned with styling your wig to stop injury which is able to shorten the lifespan.

  • Be mild with the wig all the way through styling.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner and moisturizing lotions to take care of moisture ranges.
  • At all times use a warmth protectant when the usage of warmth styling gear.
  • Taste wig on detangled hair.
  • Realizing the right way to put a lace entrance wig gently prior to styling is an effective way to steer clear of harmful hair strands.





After getting your wig on it can be really easy to forget it as it’s not your personal hair. Don’t do that. How making a decision to handle the wig is terribly a very powerful and will have to be on the best of your checklist in making sure your wig can remaining for so long as imaginable. You will have to purpose to deal with your wig on a weekly foundation, to stay it wholesome, steer clear of matting and drying which is able to motive doable injury to the wig. How are you able to take care of the wig to extend its lifespan?

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  • Get a silk or satin, bonnet, or pillowcase. That is to stop friction for those who sleep along with your wig directly to steer clear of tangling at night time.
  • Keep away from the usage of scorching water at the wig. The new water can strip out the outer layer of the hair strands and probably injury the construction of the wig.
  • Shampoo and situation your wig steadily to stay it blank. The lace subject matter is product of small holes and product build-up, dust can simply clog up for those who aren’t taking care of the wig.
  • All the way through wash days and upkeep be mild when making use of your merchandise and detangling the hair.
  • Deep situation the wig steadily to fix and take care of the bond construction of the hair to be able to stay it wholesome.
  • Stay your hair hydrated. Use leave-in conditioners and hair lotions to stay the hair strands of the wig hydrated. This may increasingly stay the hair wholesome, cushy, and luscious during its lifespan.
  • Learn to safely or gently put a lace entrance wig on with out inflicting injury.
  • If the usage of adhesive wig glue or any merchandise at the wig you should definitely completely blank all of the residue off.
  • If you select to get a kinky or curly wig or that has a wavy taste it is very important be additional cautious when taking good care of it to steer clear of imaginable injury to the curls that may shorten its lifespan.
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Do you yank off your wig whenever you get house and throw it at the dressing desk till you wish to have it.? Smartly, forestall it! How you select to retailer your wig when no longer in use can considerably have an effect on the longevity of the wig. That is the place many ladies pass mistaken. They omit about their wig when no longer at the head and that is when essentially the most injury occurs. Methods to retailer your wig for longevity;


  • Put money into a wig stand. While you aren’t dressed in your wig, position it at the wig stand. It may well additionally maintain the manner it has till its subsequent use.
  • Stay the wig clear of direct touch with daylight. An excessive amount of solar can cut back the lifespan of the wig.
  • Stay the packaging equipped by way of the dealers as it’s strong. At Luvmehair our packaging is not just sustainable for the surroundings however our shoppers can proceed to make use of our field packaging to retailer their wigs in as they are going to stay smartly safe in it.


Remember the fact that injury that occurs for your lace wig is irreversible as hair can not regrow and this may occasionally in the long run cut back the wig’s lifecycle.


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